Freddy Lau's nearly two decades of professional music experience in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding cities have included performances as guitarist and vocalist with diverse ensembles including:

  • Rotary Tiger, Euphio Machine, and Quango Almo (rock) (2007-2013)

  • Joe Enroughty and His Royal Virginians (big band) (2013-4)

  • Roxbury (funk/soul) (2017)

  • Evolution of the Groove (jazz fusion) (2011-2)

  • The Zion Apostolic Christian Memorial Church in Petersburg (gospel) (2014-2018)

  • Singer/songwriter/guitarist Matt Blanton (2012, 2016)

  • Ukelele performer and vocalist Stu Kindle (2015)

  • Jazz keyboardist and vocalist Fred Ostrow (2014-5)

  • Jazz bassist Vince Newton (2014-5)

  • Blues vocalist Lady E (2014-5)

  • Jazz/soul keyboardist Nelson Valentine (2011-2018)

In 2017, he opened for the Richmond Symphony at the East End Festival in Chimbarazo Park with Roxbury. In 2018, notable gigs include opening for mayor Levar Stoney at the "Heart of the East End" fundraiser at Peter Paul Development Center with soul group Brown’s Island, and performing lead guitar for Lady E and the Blues Synsations at the 28th Annual Down Home Reunion in August.

Freddy regularly performs in Pentecostal gospel music functions. He currently plays in weekly services for Kingdom Pursuers International and Garment of Praise apostolic churches in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Freddy is a multi-instrumentalist who employs guitar, keyboard, percussion, voice, and synthetic instrumentation in both performance and studio settings. His solo guitar performances have ranged from straight-ahead jazz guitar at country clubs, to 80's rock hits re-imagined on an acoustic guitar for a backyard wedding, to loop-pedal driven one-man band grooves. As a vocalist, his repertory is non-exclusionary. A 1950s standard and a 2010s dance anthem find common ground in his diverse set list [ask me what I can play for your event].

Freddy can interpret and improvise over music of every style, and learns by both ear and notation. He performed improvised accompaniments to dance classes for Melanie Richards, Judith K. Steel, and Autumn Proctor Waddell at Virginia Commonwealth University (2013-4). He frequently performs in musical theater and has played guitar and ukelele in the pit orchestras of VCU (2016), the Richmond Triangle Players, and the Swift Creek Mill Theater (2017). In May 2018, he played in the production of All Shook Up at the Fort Lee playhouse; in September, he played in the Christian parable Godspell at the same venue.

Freddy trained throughout his life in classical and jazz traditions--beginning with his first piano lessons from his mother; with his parent's help, he studied Suzuki violin and performed in local recitals from age 10, and as a second violinist in Sinfonietta and, later, the Youth Concert Orchestra under the Richmond Symphony.

In high school, his transferred his passion wholeheartedly into guitar and composition, memorably improvising a solo at Tim Kaine's inaugural ceremony in Williamsburg with the Maggie L. Walker jazz ensemble--they opened for the Beach Boys (2006)--and starting his first rock bands. At Virginia Commonwealth University, he participated in--and absorbed influences from--the eclectic downtown Richmond music scene. During this time, he developed his guitar playing under the tutelage of master guitarist and jazz educator Mike Ess. Freddy graduated Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014 with a B.A. in Music and, having had so many teachers in his life, it was only natural he became an educator himself. He instructs around 40 students a week in piano, drums, guitar, bass, and ukulele for the Greater Richmond YMCA and Powhatan Music. He also provides instruction privately [ask me about lessons].

Freddy has been involved in music production for over ten years, culminating in his studio, Arresterfield Productions [ask me about production and composition].

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